Step 1: Meet with Us!!

There’s absolutely no commitment required on your part for the initial meeting. It will be educational and help you identify your next steps.

Step 2: Establish a price

We will provide a market analysis, which will help you set an asking price.


As difficult as it may be, it’s important to review the market analysis and consider your home price objectively. If you think your home is worth more than what the market analysis states, we’ll be more than happy review your own market analysis. A simple tip; We don’t want to follow the market, we want to Lead it!

Step 3: Let’s Prepare the house!

View your house through the eyes of the buyer and ask yourself what you’d expect. We will will offer some useful suggestions. Below is what we offer if the property needs it. Sellers that take advantage of this service find that their home sells a lot quicker and sometimes for more money!


Interior Decorator


Handyman, Maid, &
Yard work

Step 4: Lights, Camera, and Action. Let’s List it!

When everything is in place we will put your home on the open market. Below is some of the services what we provide to our sellers at no cost.

Professional Photographer,
Video, & Drone

Extensive Print &
Media Advertising

It’s All


Potential buyers may ask to see your home on short notice. It’s best if we can accommodate these requests, we never want to miss out on a potential sale. However, we totally understand that you’re still living in the home and it may not be “show ready”, or you might have pets you’d like to put away temporarily. Communication is key with showing requests.

Step 5: Offers and negotiation

If everything goes well, a buyer and (most often the agent who represents them) will present your agent with an offer.


We will present the benefits and risks of each offer. You will have the opportunity to either accept or counter any offer based on its merits.

Step 6: Under contract/In Escrow

At this point, you and the Buyer have agreed to all of the terms of the offer and both parties have signed the agreements. We will work very closely with all parties involved to make sure we have a smooth transaction.

Step 7: Final details

While under contract, the buyer will work with their mortgage provider to finalize the loan and perform other due diligence.


The buyer will usually perform a physical inspection of the home. They may even ask you to make certain repairs. Your agent will explain all of your options regarding the inspection.

Step 8: Closing

This is the transfer of funds and ownership. Depending on when the buyer moves into the home you will need to be all packed up and ready to move. We will do a Final Walkthrough to make sure the house is clean and in as-is condition when the buyer first saw it. We wouldn’t want any post closing hiccups.

Step 9: Congratulations! You’ve successfully sold your house!

Seller Guarantee


Introducing Arch Pacific Realty’s Listing Guarantee

When you enlist our services you will automatically receive our listing guarantee. It is our belief that when your property is listed through a broker, if they don’t do their job, it’s costing you time and money. We firmly believe that if a broker does not do the job that is promised you can fire them.

What’s your biggest fear when you list your home with a real estate broker? You worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less than competent real estate broker, costing your home valuable time and exposure on the market. Well, worry no more! We take the risk and the fear out of listing your home with a real estate broker.

When you enlist our listing services, you can cancel your listing if we have not procured a buyer or any interested buyer within 45 days of listing the home for sale.

  • You can relax, knowing you won’t be locked into a lengthy contract.
  • Enjoy the caliber of service confident enough to make this offer.

We have strong opinions about real estate services and believe that if you are unhappy with the service you receive, you should have the power to fire your broker.

It takes a strong belief in the quality of one’s service to take this kind of stand, but we never settle for less than the highest professional standards from our self or our staff. We are confident you will be happy with our service and results.

Call us today to find out how our unique service makes all the difference in the sale of your home.

*There are 3 Simple rules, and they are all reasonable :

1. This Guarantee applies to houses, townhouses, manufactured homes with their own land, and condominiums, not to vacant land.

2. We guarantee to sell a property if we know there is a market for it at or near the price which it is offered, so rule number two is that at least 3 properties, comparable to yours, must have sold in your area within the past three months. We must price your property at what we both agree is fair market value. The price at which these properties sold for will determine our fair market value (with any adjustments, if necessary to best match your home).

3.  Please do your part by making any necessary repairs, prior to the starting date of this Sale Guarantee. The property should be neat, clean and available for showing during reasonable hours whenever a prospective buyer wants to see it. If the property has had good exposure, and we have not received any offers within the first 45 days, we should reduce the listing price by 2%.

THE BENEFITS TO YOU: You will get a faster sale with fewer inconveniences when your home is priced properly. You will see an increase in sales person response, as well as better response to advertising and sign calls. All of this provides you with maximum exposure to prospects. Homes priced in this manner will actually net the seller more money at the time of closing.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO YOU: We are 100% committed to providing the highest level of service in the real estate industry. Our success depends upon the commitment to serve your needs and continue growing our business through the referral process. We realize that you are the most principal element in this relationship.